Welcome to Clarified Chaos!

TakesAVillageWelcome! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by our blog. Thank you for having faith in us as we embark on this journey of sharing information we believe will help assist you on your own journey to find the clarity needed to endure, enjoy and thrive within the chaos that life as a family can provide.

We want this blog to be a safe space where we can all share, encourage and support one another because as the African proverb goes “it takes a village to raise a child.” Your presence and participation here as well as your belief in our ability to be a credible source of information will allow this blog to achieve its full potential.

We have all heard the quote “Knowledge is Power” and in this blog space we plan to share knowledge gained from ourselves, other parents and family members, other experts in the field, and our children (our ultimate teachers). We believe this will help us all to parent from a more clarified, conscious and intuitive state.

Being mothers to children ranging in stages from preschool to preteen, we intend to share information monthly that will be relevant to parents with children of all ages. Listed below is a basic overview of the topics we intend to cover:

  • Parenting information – We will share insights, articles, personal experiences and talking points that we believe will help our families reach their full potential.
  • Inspirations (For parents)- We will provide quotes and affirmations to hopefully facilitate a moment of pause, reflection and/or self-encouragement during our journey along the winding road of parenthood.
  • Inspirations (For children)- We will post quotes, affirmations, stories, and poems that can be used as conversation starters to engage your children in discussion on information you discover (or re-discover) here.
  • “Friday Favorites” – We will pass along our personal favorites (books, blogs, websites, online resources, products we love, etc.).
  • Do-It-Yourself – We will share fun things you and your family can bake, cook, craft, decorate, display, etc.Learn-Grow

We are so excited to embark on this journey to learn, grow, share, support, encourage and find clarity in the everyday chaos with you.

Leave a comment below with thoughts, questions or anything you’d like to share. Let the fun begin!


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