Handprint Flag Craft

Looking for a simple craft to do with your kids this 4th of July? Here is an easy and fun handprint flag for you! IMG_5220IMG_5218   Supplies Needed:

  • 5×7 size construction paper
  • Red/white/blue washable paint
  • Small paintbrushes
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon
  • Star stickers
  • Large craft sticks
  • Double sided tape or glue (whichever you prefer)
  • Bowl of water for rinsing
  • Newspaper


  1. Lay out newspapers over the surface you will be doing the activity on to make cleanup easier
  2. Set out the paper, hole punch, ribbon, star stickers, paint, paintbrushes, and bowl filled with water
  3. Punch a small hole in the upper left hand corner of the flag
  4. Dip paintbrush in blue paint and paint the palm of your child’s hand
  5. Dip another paintbrush in white paint and paint every other finger white
  6. Dip another paintbrush in red paint and paint remaining fingers
  7. Assist child as they place their painted hand onto their paper: (Note – To make it look like a flag the handprint should be rotated so the blue palm is in the upper left hand corner…but as parents, sometimes we know kids craft with their own idea of how something should go, so my daughters’ flags are flying a little differently this year)
  8. Press down firmly on child’s palm and each finger to ensure the handprint shows up
  9. Have child pull their hand straight up so the paint doesn’t smear
  10. Allow the handprint to dry
  11. Once dry, pull ribbon colors of choice through the hole you punched on the flag and tie one small knot
  12. Have the child decorate the blue section of the flag with small star stickers
  13. Glue or tape the craft stick to the backside left edge of the paperIMG_5212IMG_5210IMG_5211IMG_5215

You now have both a festive flag for your child to enjoy waving around on the 4th and a keepsake decoration to display in years to come!IMG_5217


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