Patriotic Candle Holders Craft

These patriotic candle holders are a great craft to do with your family to get into the holiday spirit.  My kids really enjoyed making them and I am very excited that they turned out so pretty.  They are a colorful and fun addition to our patriotic decorations.DSCN4701My inspiration for this craft came from Ashley over at  I used her basic idea and revised just a few small things to make the craft our own. To begin this craft you need the following:DSCN4654

  •             Construction or scrapbook papers in red/white/blue
  •             Star hole punch
  •             Red and blue tinted Mod Podge
  •             Glass votive holders
  •             Paint brush

Notes on Supplies – I found all our supplies at Michaels. You could pick votives that all match, but each of my kids wanted theirs to be “their own” so they each picked two votives that matched, but all three sets had a different style. The square votives were the easiest to use. The round ones worked fine, you just need to work a bit harder to get the stars to stick.   If you are doing this craft with younger children I would recommend the square votives. Directions:

  1.  Using the paper punch, let each child punch a small pile of stars in different colors and patternsCandle3
  2.  Take two disposable cups and fill one with a small amount of red Mod Podge and the other with a small amount of blue
  3.  While holding a star on the votive use a paintbrush dipped in one of the Mod Podge colors to secure the star to the outside of the votive
  4. Continue placing stars on all sides of the votive in any arrangement you chooseCandle2
  5.  Once you have placed and secured all stars, coat the entire outside of the votive in Mod Podge.  You could coat the inside as well, though my children opted not to and they still turned out great.
  6.  Repeat the entire process using the other color Mod Podge
  7.  Allow to dry completely
  8.  Add a tea light candle and enjoy!Candle1



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