DIY Clipboard Frames

Inspirational quotes and sayings make me very happy.  I enjoy reading them, I love to share them with my family and I am very excited to distribute them to our Clarified Chaos readers.   It was this excitement that lead me to select these DIY clipboard frames as our first DIY Saturday post because they are an inexpensive, attractive and simple way to display your favorite inspirations in your own home. I first saw this project on the blog, Love Grows Wild.  The post on these frames is provided here:  My slightly simplified version of this craft is explained below. Clipboard3 Supplies:

  • 11.5” x 13.5” piece of wood – Mine was from Home Depot. I bought a larger piece of wood and had it cut it into 3 pieces this size at the store.
  • Sandpaper – I used medium grain
  • Wood stain – I used Miniwax wood finish in Dark Walnut
  • Rag or paintbrush for applying wood stain
  • Small sawtooth hangers
  • Hammer
  • Hinge Clips – I found mine in the clearance section at Michaels, but they are available here: 
  • Super glue


  1. Sand down the corners and edges of your board with sandpaper to give them a slightly rounded appearanceclipboard1
  2.  Wipe off wood to remove all dust
  3.  Stain wood according to directions provided on wood finish container
  4.  Allow stained wood to dry
  5. Once dry, turn wood over and attach one small sawtooth hanger. We used both a tape measure and level to get it straight.
  6. Flip wood back over and place the hinge clips on the frame base. I feel you need to decide your own measurements based on the size of your clips. Mine are spaced approx .5” from the top and 1.75” from the sides of the frame. Use a tape measure to help get the clips spaced correctly.
  7.  Attach the hinge clips with super glue and allow sufficient time to dry
  8. Print out a Wellbeing Wednesday quotation from Clarified Chaos: Weds Quote or you could also use any other inspiration you like or even a photograph that you have printed as an 8×10. Attach to the frame using the hinge clips.

Variation of this project for children: My 10 year old daughter did this craft with me and she wanted to decorate her frame in a way that would match the decor in her room.  All items are the same in this version as the version I did, except you use acrylic paint in place of the wood stain. My daughter chose a bright purple paint and after allowing the paint to dry overnight, she used a hot pink paint pen to decorate all the edges of the frame with pink polka dots. We both love how it turned out and had fun picking a quote together to display in her room. Clipboard2


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