Slow Down and Share Sunday – Mistakes

Happy Sunday!! When considering what quote to share with you today we thought about our recent post on teaching children that their brain is like a muscle. When we encourage our children to exercise their brain with new or challenging activities there are bound to be times when they do not achieve immediate success. Today’s quote is one that can be shared and discussed with your family to reinforce messages of resilience and perseverance in times of struggle.July week 3 Quote

This quote is set up as a printable coloring sheet. Please click here to print: Sunday Quote 3 . We thought it would be fun to encourage children to exercise the creative part of their brain by coloring in and decorating the quote. Possible discussion points to use while they color are shared below:

  • Ask your child/children to share about a time they made a mistake. How did they feel? Use this as an opportunity to share that mistakes are an important part of learning and growing. When they learn from a mistake it is no longer considered a mistake…it has now become a learning opportunity. Now ask them to consider that same mistake mentioned previously and share what they learned from it.
  • Tell them about a time you made a mistake. Share what you learned in that situation. This could be an opportunity to remind children that even adults make mistakes.
  • Question your child/children about a time they kept trying even when things felt hard. Ask what they think happened with their brain in this situation. Use this as a chance to reinforce that our brains are like muscles that grow when they are exercised.
  • End by asking each family member to share a new activity they have been interesting in trying. Discuss all the choices you have when facing something new. Do you let the fear of making a mistake prevent you from trying at all? Will your brain learn new things if you don’t try? What if you choose to try and you do make a mistake; is that bad or is it a learning opportunity? What if you find out what you decided to try is hard; is that a problem or is it an opportunity to grow your brain?

We hope the quote and discussion points provided above serve as another tool you can use to cultivate a confident, optimistic and can-do mindset amongst your family.


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