Friday Favorite – Glass Bowl Picture Frames


Today’s Friday Favorite has to do with one of my true loves, family vacations. Adventuring away from home with Hector and the kids is easily one of my greatest joys in life.   Since sadly, we can’t be off on vacation all the time, I really enjoy having simple reminders of our best get-a-ways on display in our home and I thought it would be fun to share one of my favorite display ideas with you. I love these glass bowl picture frames because they are a simple, inexpensive and personalized way to get your most-loved vacation photos out and visible in your home for daily enjoyment. It honestly takes just minutes to create this adorable keepsake.


  • Small Glass Bowl – I purchased the ones we used at Michaels in the candle aisle for $1 each
  • Paint Pen
  • Printed Photos
  • Sand


  1. PicBowlUsing the paint pen write on the front of the glass bowl the location and date where the photo you are going to display was taken. Be sure to keep your writing closer to the top of the bowl so it will be legible even after it is filled with some sand.
  2. Next fill the bowl about 1/3 of the way full with sand
  3. Insert your photo into the bowl while taking care to push it all the way down into the sand so it remains upright
  4. Add any small embellishments to the bowl that you desire. On this day we used a couple small rocks in one and we didn’t use anything in the other two. In the past we have used things like sticks, leaves and small shells.



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