S’mores Fudge

August was a full and fulfilling month for us. As we detailed in our recent post, A Step back…A Step Forward, there were many memorable moments and one of the best was the bridal shower that we threw for our beautiful baby sister, Corrie. For me, the highlights of the celebration were spending time with very special family and friends and reveling in Corrie’s excitement about her upcoming wedding. Even better is the fact that I got to do these things while enjoying some amazing food. Several tasty treats were served, but one was so simple and delicious that I had to share the recipe with all of you. I also felt it was fitting to post a s’mores recipe this week because if you are anything like me, and struggling a bit to make that transition from relaxed summer routine to structured back to school schedule, this is the perfect dessert to enjoy as you take a brief moment to forget about homework, early bedtime and after school activities and daydream about late nights around a campfire instead ;).

The recipe I used is S’mores Fudge from The Novice Chef Blog

I did not adapt this recipe in any way, so please click on over to her website for ingredients and directions.




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