Share and Compare – Reasons for Participating in Youth Sports

MIAHAMMToday we have a Slow Down and Share Sunday idea that can assist you as you work to become a more relaxed and supportive sports parent. One way to better equip yourself to be more relaxed and supportive while your child participates in sports is to have a clear understanding of the reasons they choose to get involved in athletics. The simple exercise we provide below allows your child the opportunity to share those reasons with you. It also gives you the opportunity to go a step further and compare their reasons for playing with the reasons you have for wanting them to participate. With the insight and perspective this exercise provides you will be better able to relax, allow and support your child as they play sports for the reasons they choose for themselves instead of reasons you choose for them.

For a printable version of the questionnaires please click here: 

Child Questionnaire

Parent Questionnaire

Child QuestionnaireParent Questionnaire



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