A Season of Change

The beginning of October is a time I have always felt confronted by change. It’s the time of year when summer gets left behind and fall brings with it change to the trees, weather, baking ingredients, stores, scents, and amount of sun I encounter each day. It greets me with a push to revise my pace of life as I begin a three month period where my already hectic schedule attempts to accommodate several important family birthdays and a few major holidays. And as I feel the changes confronting me now, I know it is a good time to reflect on the importance of having an open and accepting attitude towards change. This is something that can be difficult for me, so I know this reflection is not only valuable for me as a person, but also as a mother, because there is much my children can learn by watching how I react to change.

TBCHANGEALANFINALThe most important thing to remember is that change is inevitable. No matter what we do we can’t make it stop happening. Of course we can resist it, but when we spend time resisting we end up addressing change from a place of survival or reaction and that can feel stressful. When we allow ourselves to accept that change is a natural and necessary part of life it eliminates the need to resist it.

It is when we stop resisting that we can better examine our attitude towards change. We can try to simply acknowledge it. The basic act of being aware that change is constantly happening in our life is important. Things can and will be different then they are right now. Once we acknowledge this we can move towards learning to accept change and allowing it to unfold. Having an acceptance helps us to deal with change much more effectively. When we accept what is we can move forward more easily and avoid feeling stuck.

After acknowledging and accepting change we can move towards embracing it. When we embrace change consciously we may even find ourselves enjoying it. It is by embracing that we are provided the opportunity to discover and appreciate the lessons that there are to be found in times of change.

If you, like me, can struggle to have a positive attitude towards change and are hoping to work on that, the beautiful truth is that life gives us endless chances to react to change. There are new and evolving moments all around us every day that can be used as our next chance to calmly and openly embrace whatever is MR1thrown our way. And as we work to achieve a positive outlook during times of change we are blessing the children in our lives by teaching them to release negative attitudes toward change now, while they are still young, and their opinions and outlooks are not fully engrained.

And now, in this season of change, let’s intend to have love and compassion for ourselves as we navigate both the natural and unexpected changes that life offers us. It isn’t easy. But if we can acknowledge, accept and embrace change we can reduce our stress and maintain a more positive attitude towards it. It is this, in turn, that will allow us to freely and calmly move through the changing seasons of life.