Happy Fourth of July!!

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY EVERYONE!! It seems so fitting that our very first Friday Favorites post would fall on a holiday. In our family holidays are one of our absolute favorite things.  The main reason Kellie and I enjoy holidays is because they give us a great opportunity to establish family traditions and we enjoy the familiarity of returning to them no matter what else is going on in our busy lives.  Some of our most lasting memories of the people we love stem from our family traditions.  Holidays also provide us with a wonderful opportunity to discuss values with our children, and they often afford us a chance to flex our creative muscles.  Here are handful of our favorite ways to celebrate on the Fourth!!

Quotation Conversation Starter

On the morning of a holiday, I often print out and hang up a quote that I can use to start a conversation about the holiday with my kids. This year I am going to use this one that Kellie made for me: 4th of July Kids Printable

Click here for your own copy to print: 4th of July Kids Printable

Possible conversation starters are:

  • A discussion of what our flag stands for
  • A review of the significance of the stars and stripes
  • Have a dialogue about what it means to be a part of one nation
  • A short brain-storming session on age-appropriate ways your family can contribute to our country. Possible ideas are; writing a letter to a solider, cleaning up a local park or beach or having a family history lesson

Printable Activities

Another thing we often do on holidays is print out a few activity sheets for the kids to do at some point during the day. We typically pull them out at the point that our hands are the most full (often during meal prep time). Kidsactivitiesblog.com is a site that we have found with great options. The link below will take you right to some fun sheets you can use: http://kidsactivitiesblog.com/54263/4th-of-july-free-activity-printables. We also like to find activities that make fun keepsakes. Here is an example of one we created:4th of July Poem-1 And here is a link to a blank version of the above image for you to print: Freedom Worksheet for Kids

Themed Treats

We enjoy celebrating with a themed treat! Scroll down for a post on a festive treat that Kellie made.

Reusable Decorations

We like making a craft with our children each holiday. We are fond of choosing projects that can be re-used year after year as decorations. Below we have posted age-appropriate crafts we did with our children this year that doubled as decorations. Thank you for letting us share this short round-up of our favorite ways to celebrate the Fourth!