Slow Down and Share Sunday

One of the best ways I have found to clarify our family chaos is to remember to consistently carve out moments for meaningful family conversation.  Even in the craziest and busiest of weeks, we can find 10 – 15 minutes, usually while sitting down for a meal, to unplug, share our thoughts and feelings, and focus our undivided attention on each other.  Spending this quality time in relaxed conversation with my family is so important.  This is because it provides an excellent forum for teaching ethics and values and by listening and talking with my children I am cultivating trust and keeping the the lines of communication open.  This is done with the hope that if a problem arises for any of them in the future they choose to bring it to me instead of taking it to someone else.

The intention for our Slow Down and Share Sunday postings is that we provide you with an inspiration you can have ready to use to spark meaningful dialogue during your own carved out moments of family conversation.  We have enjoyed using quotes and/or short stories in our home as a way to start discussions.  Every Sunday we will provide one of these for you and we will also suggest possible talking points you could utilize to get conversation progressing in an engaging yet relaxed way.  Our first quote we chose to share is pictured below. For a printable version, please click here: SundayQuote1.

SundayQuote1Possible pathways of discussion for this quote:

  • Ask your child/children if they know what it means to learn or ask what learning means to them.  Explain what it is to you.
  •  Talk to them about their brain and how it is like their very own library or computer that they can fill up with all kinds of info.
  •  Discuss different ways learning can take place.  Inquire about their favorite ways to gather new information.
  • Ask them what types of things they like learning about the most and what new things they would like to learn more about.  Share with them what you enjoy learning or what new things you would like to learn more about.
  •  Brainstorm ways you can have new learning experiences as individuals and as a family.
  •  Plan a few new learning opportunities with them and let them see you add them to your calendar.  Reinforce that you support their interest in learning.
  •  Plan a new learning opportunity for yourself and discuss with them that while you enjoy supporting their learning it also is important that you make time to learn new things as well.
  • Some simple learning opportunity ideas could be a library outing to research books on a topic they want to know more about, looking up a new recipe they want to try to cook on the web, going on a hike to a new destination, trying a new restaurant, participating in new athletic or artistic activity…the possibilities are endless!