Today’s quote from Melody Beattie reminds us of all the wonderful things we can gain when we keep a grateful heart.WBW13

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Well-being Wednesday – Change

For this Well-being Wednesday we are sharing a quote that reminds us to embrace change and be present as we navigate through the ever changing seasons of life.


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Well-being Wednesday- Coming Together

For this Well-being Wednesday we are sharing the quote that Christie and her family read together during their weekly family meetings to inspire them to be productive and positive. We hope that today it will inspire you as well :).


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Well-being Wednesday- Riding the Waves

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Welcome back to Well-Being Wednesday. Today we are sharing a quote that really spoke to our hearts. As you may have noticed, our blog has been lacking new content. In keeping with the theme of today’s quote, let’s just say that adding a blogging hobby to our already full lives and choosing to do it during the summer months when everyone’s routine is out of whack, well, it left us feeling like we were novice surfers trying to handle 15 foot waves.  So after some serious wipe-outs, we paddled in and decided to spend the rest of our summer soaking up the sunshine, enjoying our families and figuring out ways to prioritize our time, passions and responsibilities so we can have better balance for it all. In a couple weeks we plan to paddle back out, this time hopefully in some calmer surf, and provide you with new topics, insights and inspirations. Thanks for riding the waves with us. 🙂

Slow Down and Share Sunday – Kids in the Kitchen

The focus of today’s Slow Down and Share Sunday is to get your child/children excited to be more involved in the kitchen. Below we have provided a quote and some basic talking points your family could use to discuss this subject. 

Sunday Quote- 5For a printable version of this quote, please click here: Sunday Quote 5

  • Question your child/children about their favorite foods. Ask if they would like to try recipes to make these items themselves  (i.e. pizza, spaghetti, chicken nuggets etc.) or if they would like to try recipes based on their favorites (i.e. if they say they love strawberries, try a pie or muffins; if they say chocolate, try cookies or pudding, etc).
  • Pull out your cookbooks, go onto the web or take a trip to the library together with the intention of letting them browse recipes and see what inspires them.  Hand them some sticky notes and ask them to mark things they have an interest in making for the family.
  • Once they have a few recipes selected, take out your calendar and pick a night or two when they can make dinner for your family. Be sure to let them know how much you are looking forward to having some help with the meal preparation.
  • Have them select a basic cookie or muffin recipe and talk about who it would be fun to bake for. I have found that when you provide people like grandparents, neighbors, teachers or coaches with treats they respond with very excited and grateful reaction kids really enjoy :).
  • Another fun idea is to ask kids to find a recipe that uses a certain ingredient you could pick up locally. For example, we planned a trip to the local berry farm and picked raspberries. My boys then used them to bake a raspberry pie and raspberry cheesecake bars.  You could do this same type of thing with items available at your local farmers market or you could simply select an item that is on sale at the grocery store.


Slow Down and Share Sunday

Sunday Quote 4

For a printable version of this quote, please click here: Sunday Quote 4

With our recent posts on Reducing Chaos with Routines and Collaboratively Creating Morning and Evening Routines still fresh in our minds, we selected a quote for today’s “Slow Down and Share Sunday” that could be used to kick off a family discussion on responsibility.

Below we have provided a list of possible talking points you could draw on while discussing this quote with your family:

  • Begin by having your child/children tell you some of the things they have to do each day. Then have them share some of the things they want to be able to do every day. Ask them how they would feel if there was only time to do things they had to do.
  • Then repeat the same exercise, only this time for yourself. Share with them that grown-ups will not have time for things they want to do unless everyone in the family does their part to take care of themselves and the household.
  • Another way to demonstrate this point would be by having them consider if there was only one person in the family doing all the routine tasks like cleaning, shopping for the food and supplies, working to earn money, etc. Inquire as to whether or not they think that person would be as happy as the rest of the family? If everyone worked together to do their part would the whole family be happier?
  • Have your children imagine what it would be like in your home if everyone spent a whole week doing only things they wanted to do.  You could ask them questions such as; would people have clean clothes to wear if no one did laundry? Would friends be able to come over for playdates if the house was never picked up and cleaned? How would your bodies feel and smell if no one brushed their teeth, showered or got good sleep? Would there be good food to eat if no one shopped or meal planned?
  • Conclude the discussion by having everyone share what they want to do more of as a family. Make the point that each person has an important role in helping the “have to do” items get completed so there will be time for the “want to do” things. Let each person know just how valuable their contribution to the family is.

We hope the above quote and talking points will support and inspire family discussion on the importance of responsibility.