Well-being Wednesday- Coming Together

For this Well-being Wednesday we are sharing the quote that Christie and her family read together during their weekly family meetings to inspire them to be productive and positive. We hope that today it will inspire you as well :).


For a printable version of this quote, please click here: Weds Quote- 9

Well-being Wednesday- Riding the Waves

Weds Quote- 7For a printable version of this quote, please click here: Weds Quote- 7

Welcome back to Well-Being Wednesday. Today we are sharing a quote that really spoke to our hearts. As you may have noticed, our blog has been lacking new content. In keeping with the theme of today’s quote, let’s just say that adding a blogging hobby to our already full lives and choosing to do it during the summer months when everyone’s routine is out of whack, well, it left us feeling like we were novice surfers trying to handle 15 foot waves.  So after some serious wipe-outs, we paddled in and decided to spend the rest of our summer soaking up the sunshine, enjoying our families and figuring out ways to prioritize our time, passions and responsibilities so we can have better balance for it all. In a couple weeks we plan to paddle back out, this time hopefully in some calmer surf, and provide you with new topics, insights and inspirations. Thanks for riding the waves with us. 🙂