A Step Back… A Step Forward


Hi all. Remember us?? Those two mamas who started a blog called Clarified Chaos and then a short month later put the blog on hold after realizing it was causing their lives to pretty much be pure chaos…well here we are…and we are back!! We are so grateful for your patience as we took our break to re-group and today we thought it would be fun to share a little of what we were up to during our blog hiatus with you.

First and foremost, we had to re-charge. We took some time to sleep, to laugh, to cry, to vent and to really just feel all the emotions that had come up as we started this blogging journey. It is a difficult thing to work through, to want something so much and yet at the same time feel like you are not successfully balancing that want with the needs and responsibilities of your everyday life. So we sat with that for a bit before moving forward.

Then, it was time for some actual moving. Kellie and her family came back home to California after spending the last two and a half years living in Denver, Colorado. Countless hours were spent purging, packing, shipping, traveling, organizing and unpacking.blog Break 5

Once we had our families physically back in the same city again we spent many moments together relishing the awesomeness that summer still had to offer. We went to the county fair, a country concert and on a 3 night camping trip. We had family dinners and pool days. We enjoyed watching our kids get dirty, stay up late, laugh, play, and of course eat ice Blog Break 4cream and s’mores.

We also did some celebrating!!! We partied for Kierstyn’s 3rd birthday, Christie’s 36th birthday, and we threw a bridal shower for our baby sister, Corrie.photo-83

After a few weeks of relaxed fun, we found ourselves ready to refocus. We stayed up late dreaming and discussing what we wanted, not only for our blog, but for all areas of our lives. We worked on de-cluttering our minds and our homes. We wrote intentions, plans, schedules and to-do lists.

Finally, after all that, we felt ready to take a step. So here we are today, stepping back into our blogging world with the hope that all we have done in the past month for ourselves, our homes and our families will help us to have more clarity as we continue on with our blog. We are excited to see where this next step takes us.Step1


Our New Moment: Why We Decided To Blog

SistersToday we begin a bold new moment in our lives as a blogging team. Below we have shared what has inspired us individually to embark on this journey.

Christie’s thoughts: When my sister and I decided that our first post would share our reason for starting a blog, I found myself thinking about the blog name, Clarified Chaos. I love this term so much because, for me, that is what my life, and now this blog, is really all about. When I became a parent, I felt almost forced into a chaotic journey – a journey filled with sleep deprivation, tantrums, allergies, youth sports, homework, self-esteem, nutrition, work in the home, work outside the home…and the list could go on and on. At some point, however, clarity began to resurface amidst the chaos.

One day, I remembered that in every moment I had the freedom to say to myself, “new moment,” and make a shift. I realized that there was always another opportunity to make meaning of any circumstance for my family and myself. It was up to me to decide whether I would give in to being stuck and overwhelmed, or whether I would choose to think, feel, and act in a way that would bring a bit of clarity to my craziness. Since that day, that is a choice I have embraced so many times, in so many different ways. I am so excited that just a few short weeks ago I had a “new moment” and chose to begin this blog.

In that moment, I thought about the passion I have for reading, researching, and implementing new ideas. I thought about the learning and experimenting I have done that has blessed me personally, my children as individuals, and our family as a whole. I felt excited to consider that some of the setbacks and moments of struggle in my life could be revealed to others to help comfort or aide them as they go through trials of their own. I decided to act on these thoughts and feelings by creating a space to share the fruits of those passions, the lessons from those experiences, and the blessings that I’ve noticed in my and my family’s lives as a result.

It is my ultimate hope that placing more of my time into something that makes me feel inspired, creative, and proud will help me continue to clarify my chaos. I am excited to step into “new moments” and to give you an opportunity to share your own moments with us. Through this process I believe we can create a positive, open, and supportive environment where we can connect, learn, and grow as we all discover and embrace what clarifies our chaos.

ParentingQuoteKellie’s thoughts: As I was thinking about what I wanted to share in this post, I came across the quote, “Parenting isn’t a practice. It’s a daily learning experience.” After reading this quote a couple times over, I realized that its message is one of the main reasons I decided to start this blog alongside my sister.

As Christie mentioned, everyday parenting challenges are presented to us frequently in many different forms, often unexpected. In each of these moments, we are faced with a decision about how to react. I’ve found that when I am open to each moment as a new chance, I am able to accept and learn from each decision I make, knowing that in that moment, I did the best I could with the knowledge I had, and that moving forward, I’ll have even more knowledge than I had before. This is where my passion for starting this blog comes in.

I feel passionate that awareness and openness to life is power. From awareness and openness, we gain knowledge that we can carry into our next moments. I am excited to be able to share with you here simplified ideas and fresh perspectives that I hope will carry you into each new moment feeling more confident than before. I believe that as parents, a hand to hold, a positive comment, a little inspiration, or better yet even a laugh, can transform the way we view each moment we are faced with.

In this journey of parenting, I have been blessed by the support around me and I truly feel all parents deserve it. Parenting is hard enough, so if this blog can help provide that support by helping to clarify the chaos in our lives with new tools, skills, or ideas, then we’ve accomplished our goal which is to provide you all with the clarity needed to endure, enjoy and ultimately thrive within the chaos that life as a family provides.

Please leave your comments or questions below. We look forward to keeping this dialogue going!

Welcome to Clarified Chaos!

TakesAVillageWelcome! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by our blog. Thank you for having faith in us as we embark on this journey of sharing information we believe will help assist you on your own journey to find the clarity needed to endure, enjoy and thrive within the chaos that life as a family can provide.

We want this blog to be a safe space where we can all share, encourage and support one another because as the African proverb goes “it takes a village to raise a child.” Your presence and participation here as well as your belief in our ability to be a credible source of information will allow this blog to achieve its full potential.

We have all heard the quote “Knowledge is Power” and in this blog space we plan to share knowledge gained from ourselves, other parents and family members, other experts in the field, and our children (our ultimate teachers). We believe this will help us all to parent from a more clarified, conscious and intuitive state.

Being mothers to children ranging in stages from preschool to preteen, we intend to share information monthly that will be relevant to parents with children of all ages. Listed below is a basic overview of the topics we intend to cover:

  • Parenting information – We will share insights, articles, personal experiences and talking points that we believe will help our families reach their full potential.
  • Inspirations (For parents)- We will provide quotes and affirmations to hopefully facilitate a moment of pause, reflection and/or self-encouragement during our journey along the winding road of parenthood.
  • Inspirations (For children)- We will post quotes, affirmations, stories, and poems that can be used as conversation starters to engage your children in discussion on information you discover (or re-discover) here.
  • “Friday Favorites” – We will pass along our personal favorites (books, blogs, websites, online resources, products we love, etc.).
  • Do-It-Yourself – We will share fun things you and your family can bake, cook, craft, decorate, display, etc.Learn-Grow

We are so excited to embark on this journey to learn, grow, share, support, encourage and find clarity in the everyday chaos with you.

Leave a comment below with thoughts, questions or anything you’d like to share. Let the fun begin!