A Step Back… A Step Forward


Hi all. Remember us?? Those two mamas who started a blog called Clarified Chaos and then a short month later put the blog on hold after realizing it was causing their lives to pretty much be pure chaos…well here we are…and we are back!! We are so grateful for your patience as we took our break to re-group and today we thought it would be fun to share a little of what we were up to during our blog hiatus with you.

First and foremost, we had to re-charge. We took some time to sleep, to laugh, to cry, to vent and to really just feel all the emotions that had come up as we started this blogging journey. It is a difficult thing to work through, to want something so much and yet at the same time feel like you are not successfully balancing that want with the needs and responsibilities of your everyday life. So we sat with that for a bit before moving forward.

Then, it was time for some actual moving. Kellie and her family came back home to California after spending the last two and a half years living in Denver, Colorado. Countless hours were spent purging, packing, shipping, traveling, organizing and unpacking.blog Break 5

Once we had our families physically back in the same city again we spent many moments together relishing the awesomeness that summer still had to offer. We went to the county fair, a country concert and on a 3 night camping trip. We had family dinners and pool days. We enjoyed watching our kids get dirty, stay up late, laugh, play, and of course eat ice Blog Break 4cream and s’mores.

We also did some celebrating!!! We partied for Kierstyn’s 3rd birthday, Christie’s 36th birthday, and we threw a bridal shower for our baby sister, Corrie.photo-83

After a few weeks of relaxed fun, we found ourselves ready to refocus. We stayed up late dreaming and discussing what we wanted, not only for our blog, but for all areas of our lives. We worked on de-cluttering our minds and our homes. We wrote intentions, plans, schedules and to-do lists.

Finally, after all that, we felt ready to take a step. So here we are today, stepping back into our blogging world with the hope that all we have done in the past month for ourselves, our homes and our families will help us to have more clarity as we continue on with our blog. We are excited to see where this next step takes us.Step1